Is there any downside to enabling the pre-emptible kernel?

I'm using portaudio for the audio i/o and it's set up to do SCHED_FIFO for the audio thread.



On Sep 6, 2006, at 6:55 PM, Nick Engel wrote:

Hi Darren,

On 9/7/06, Darren Gibbs <> wrote:
Thanks for the great suggestions Dave.  I notice that when my app is
running and I'm logged into the gumstix, doing pretty much anything
causes glitching.  "ls" or "top", whenever there are characters being
printed, it interferes with the serial echo my app is doing.  I'll
figure something out.

I run an audo processing app on my Gumstix.  I found I had to recompile the kernel to eliminate the audio glitches.

Enabling the pre-emptible kernel (CONFIG_PREEMPT=y) and the CFQ scheduler worked for me.  The pre-emptible kernel is described as 'real-time' in menuconfig.

nice-ing your app doesn't hurt either, its easy to do from a script.  You'll have to double check that the default busybox config builds this.

Another approach could be to set your thread priority to SCHED_FIFO from within the app.