im a newb, so please pardon me if i ask a stupid question, but i need to find a way to make it work before putting money in gumstix  :)
is there a way to get two CF working for example with a CF>IDE adapter and then something like http://www.cfide.co.uk/compact_flash_ide_adapter_cfidex2.shtml
if yes, would a 1 or 2 GB CF with with a WiFi CF on it ? is there something to do on the system to make the two of these recognised or would it be as easy as using each one appart ?
if no, well a no is a no and ill have to wait for something like a wifi+cf expansion or something like that, or is there a way to use a mmc even if there isnt the mmc expansion ( i read a post about two pins needed for CF AND MMC but dont understand all :) )
Thank you for the answers

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