In my experience with those errors its a hardware issue that you will probably not be able to fix on your own. I had a very similar error with invalid chip endian and had to send it in. The new one worked perfectly.

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Hi Joerg;


I’m no expert here, but it sounds like you have 3 out of four defective com’s  L


If I’m right there is no software fix for this. You have broken hardware …






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From: Joerg Fritsch []
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Subject: [Gumstix-users] Overo TIDE ethernet problem.




I have some TIDE COMs that seem to have the ethernet problem that has been described in multiple threads here. Since I am from the EU I would prefer if I could fix this myself rather than shipping the Overos around :D. Has there any solution been found?


My problem is:

I ordered 2x Tobi, 1x Stagecoach and 4x Overo Tide.

Two out of the four COMs give in all Tobis and in the stagecoach the following ethernet related error:
Net:   smc911x: Invalid chip endian 0x8765c321
see also:
All Tides have the same label as mentioned in the thread.

One COM gives in all Tobis and in the stagecoach the following error:
Net:   smc911x: Unknown chip ID 9321

One COM WORKS in all Tobis and in the Stagecoach!


Thanks for your help,



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