The day I downloaded it someone else reported that your versions worked for them.  Any ideas on what to do to check and see if I have a faulty board?



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On Sep 17, 2007, at 8:25 AM, Eric Heinemann wrote:

> I flashed my gumstix with the rootfs and uImage from http://
> that I grabbed about two weeks ago.  Is  
> there something I am missing?  The display does not look like it is  
> even receiving power.  I thought that I would see the standard  
> console boot displayed to the LCD.  Anybody have any ideas?

There have been some bad console-lcd-vx boards which apparently  
shipped out; it could be a hardware problem.  On the other hand, that  
URL references my live working build directory, and whether it's  
actually working or not at any given point in time, and if working,  
which modules it includes, is heavily in flux.  So it could easily be  
that you got a bad software image from there, or that the image you  
got didn't include the screen stuff in it.


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