> I wanted to have a Verdex COM is that the Overo does not have the equivalent
> of a robostix board yet, something that will come in handy when it comes to
> controlling things (via a futurlec 4 or 8 relay board). My only concern so
> far is that I'll need at least two RS232 ports (one for interfacing with the
> alarm system, and possibly another towards the 1-wire network) and the
> robostix at the same time. With both the console-vx and the robostix having
> 60 pin connectors, how do I fit this together?

You can use the robostix with the overo, you just can't plug the overo
in directly. There's no reason why you can't connect the robostix as a
standalone board upto the overo via serial or i2c.

For stuff like 1-wire, I think that the overo has built-in support.

If you use the overo without the LCD, there are tons of GPIO pins
available. So I don't think you even need the robostix. The only real

Does this mean that an Overo Earth + Tobi (I do need the ethernet connection) would be enough? I don't need an LCD-capable extension to have the LCD control signals, right? I assume they are available on the COM for me to use as GPIO. How do I access them? I mean, physically. Same applies to the RS232s. I can't see a connector for them on the COM or the Tobi. Will I need to figure out their pins on the 70 or 27 pin connector and build some kind of connection board myself?

advantage to using the robostix is that there are 8 ADC channels, and
the GPIOs are 5v. That only helps if you're connecting to 5v stuff.
For home automation, lots of stuff is 24 VAC, so you may find yourself
needing custom interface circuitry anyways.

Now that I had a second look I see 6 A/D lines listed on the Overo page. How do I access them from Linux?
You mentioned that the GPIO on the robostix uses 5v. How about the GPIO on the Overo? Will I be able to drive a relay board that uses 5v inputs with it?

Sorry for the trivial questions, I'm trying to get myself started with all this... Maybe I haven't read the wiki carefully enough, but I haven't found too much info to my questions there. Please point me to any TFM available, I'll be happy to do my homework :)