I'm in the planning phase of a home automation and monitoring system, with a gumstix at the heart of it. In no particular order, here are several of the things I'd like to do:

- alarm system data collection and control
- heating system data collection and control
- temperature measurement
- humidity measurement
- garden watering system control based on the above inputs (like "if temperature > 25 C and it hasn't rained for 2 days, then switch on for 20 minutes")

At this point I'm not really sure where/how to begin. I thought this configuration would get me started:

- verdex pro XL6P
- robostix-vx
- netpro-vx

But at this point I don't even know what kind of temperature sensor would I use for this purpose, and how to interface it with the gumstix.

Has anyone done something similar? What are the possibilities for interfacing with different sensors? Ideas, suggestions are more than welcome.

thanks in advance,