Thanks Dave,
I will look into the fuses. Now I need to look for external clock source.

Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi vnalla,

> I have two boards, Robostix and Roboaudio-Th and I have a question on
> Roboaudio board.
> I followed the directions on
> "" to program the Robostix
> from the Gumstix running version 1161. Every thing works fine with Robostix.
> I have problem with Roboaudio: I am able play audio using the Roboaudio. But
> when I follow the same procedure to program the Atmel chip, I get "Probably
> the AVR MCU is not in the RESET state" message. I used the same mother
> board, jumper cable (which connects Atmel 0 Tx to PXA ST Rx and Atmel 0 Rx
> to PXA ST Tx) etc. to reduce the ambiguities.
> L_DD12, L_DD14, L_DD15 are the only control signals (in my opinion) required
> from Gumstix. I have done the following to make sure the Atmel gets the
> correct control signals:
> I have shorted the pins 1&2 of U$59 and U$60 to make sure the Atmel gets the
> VCC5 with out doubt and I confirmed the same.
> I soldered a small wire to pin 20 (reset) of Atmel to measure the state. It
> goes high when GPIO73 is set high and goes low when GPIO73 is set low. So
> reset works fine.
> I lost console communication when GPIO72 is set high which means '245
> enable' is also works fine.
> DO I NEED TO DO ANYTHING WITH L_DD11?? (Of course I tried './uisp' by
> setting the L_DD11 once to 'out clear' and again to 'out set', but no luck)
> I wrote a test program to write and read some text through ttyS2. That too
> works fine which means signals/paths upto UARTS pins 1 & 5 are fine.
> I can check for clock etc. But I would like to kow if I missed out anything.
> Can any one please suggest me what I need to do to fix the issue?
> Highly appreciate any help.

If the fuses got messed up, then it possible that the ATMega128 is in
a mode where it needs an external clock to be provided.

If you search gmane for "external clock" you'll find a bunch of threads.
Heres' one:

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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