Yes I am using tweener with robostix. How can I setup  mod?

Dave Hylands <> wrote:

> I am having a login problem in gumstix. I am using kermit to
> connect to the gumstix. After typing a "connect" command in kermit prompt I
> can see the gumstix booting. After booting it show following message.
> Welcome to the Gumstix Linux Distribution!
> gumstix login:
> For some reason I am unable to type from keyboard. I am trying to
> type in login name "root" but screen is not showing anything. It is just
> keep prompting to above message "gumstix login".
> Please let me know if you know the solution for this problem.

Also, using a tweener in conjunction with many other boards will
exhibit this problem as well (typically it's the robostix).

There is a mod to allow the tweener to work properly.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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