I'm looking to hire someone (few hours/days contract) to help me with some recipe creation for yocto.

I would prefer someone in Quebec, Canada or in Canada. Our company already hire people in usa and france so you are welcome too.

I'm working for a small business, our budget is tight, I will not talk about the salary here, but to be honest, I cannot hire somebody asking me more than 90$/hour/men (this does not mean I can hire somebody for 80$...

The way I would like to work is I'm looking for someone that will be able to teach me how to create recipe to compile my custom software ( C++ software + library )/ help me to resolve problems.

Also, I will ask this person to help me with image customisation.

I plan to keep the contract open for long term for sporadic work.

If you are interested, please send me an email (not on this list) and then send me your resume and contact information. I am serious and looking to hire someone next week.

If you are interested, you will have to sign an NDA.

Thank you