Hi Folks,
My first post here.
Here's what I have to do:
I have a computer that controls a UAV. This computer can issue udp packets with inertial navigation information from its sensors. What I want to do is to integrate my netstix to this computer via wired ethernet. At some point, the flight computer will issue a command to the netstix. The netstix will have to in turn issue another request to the flight computer to retrieve a data packet, save it to the CF card and then trigger a photo camera (the camera just needs a short on two pins to actuate its shutter).
I'm experienced with C, C++ and C#, but most of my experience is in windows. I do have some experience with electronics as well (mostly PIC).
I have ubuntu (8.something I guess) installed in a partition in my computer.
On gumstix documentation, I can't find the "getting started" for the connex board that helps creating the OpenLinux environment. (btw... I have the netstix in front of me as it came from factory... does it work at all? does it have an ip that I can do anything with it?)
Am I looking at the right places? Could someone help me by creating a roadmap (a checklist) of things I need to do in order to accomplish what I want to do? Maybe the gumstix was a bad choice taking in consideration my [lack of] experience with linux?