Right - as I mentioned there are ways around the issue.  The point is to be aware of the issue, and to understand that the two simple 'dd' commands have a variety of  "failure conditions," and shouldn't be advertised as a "one size fits all" backup technique (pun intended). 


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What’s wrong with purposely using a smaller card for the dd image, and then using a larger card to restore to. Lets say use a 1GB as the image, and then 2GB cards to restore to.
The other thing you can do is purposely make the partition smaller than the card by a certain buffer amount. That’s what I currently do, and I’ve never had any issues with it.
From: Greg Kogut [mailto:gkogut@yahoo.com]
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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] SDCard BackUp
>I have been using my method for over 2 years with gumstix's and now on BBXM and on cards from 1gb to 32gb and never ran into an issue on any backups, so not really sure how it is bad, but curious to know if mine is the bad suggestion.

The 'dd' method isn't "bad," it's just important to be aware that the restore process only works on disks of *exactly* the same size, and that even disks labelled as the same size may not be exactly the same size.   There are ways around this, but they can be tedious. 

 Works great when you know you're restoring to the same disk.


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