This is a follow up of my problem with only ADCIN2 and ADCIN7 working
on a 3.0-based system

I just made a new OE sandbox, set PREFERRED_VERSION to "2.6.39"
and built a new environment for my Overo. I also made sure that Steve
Sakoman's twl4030-madc patches were there (and they were).

The 65950 madc drivers load fine, I see all of the devices in the sysfs
directory (/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device).  Applied voltage to 2
and 7 show the correct/expected, but 3-6 show no response. This was
the same behavior as the 3.0 kernel environment.

Does anyone know if there're extra steps needed for the 2.6.39 or 3.0kernel
environments to set up the 65950 properly and get 6 ADC lines working?

Or am I better off down-reving to something like 2.6.34 and staying away
from the sysfs madc interface?