Hi all.

I recently started dabbling with the ADC stuff on my Overo Air and
a Tobi board.  I installed the latest kernel/software from Steve
Sakoman's site (thanks!): Gnome -r13.

I can apply a voltage to ADCIN2 and ADCIN7 and get expected readings
from sysfs files (/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/in?_input).

When I apply a voltage (or ground) to ADCIN3-6 the value is the 70-90
milivolt float that is seen on ADCIN2 (ADCIN7 floats to 1.4v).

Way back (kernel 2.6.34?) there was a bug that Steve had a patch
for (setting the clocks correctly), but I thought that was merged
and pushed upstream 2 years ago.

Is there some way to determine if the clock settings are wrong? Or
reason out why I can't read 66% of the ADC channels brought
out to the 40-pin header?