On 10/7/05, Andrew Plumb <aplumb@gmail.com> wrote:
On 9/28/05, Craig Hughes <craig@ gumstix.com> wrote:
The PXA27x actually has better than USB for video in -- it has what
they call the "Quick Capture Interface", described as:
The interface supports the International
Telecommunication Union
Recommendation ITU-R BT.656-41 Start-of-Active-Video (SAV) and End-of-
Active-Video (EAV)
embedded synchronization sequences for four- and eight-bit
[rest deletia]

Talk about serendipity!  I was looking at specs for VIA's EPIA SP13K and Nano-ITX boards, which both have "VIP", aka ITU-R BT.656 video capture, for use as a MythTV front-end machine.  I don't know if a Gumstix would make an ideal front-end, but as a simple back-end capture/streaming device it could be quite scaleable.

If this next-gen board supports ITU-R BT.656-41 then you HAVE to make a "multimedia" expansion board.  The Philips SAA7113, SAA7114 and SAA7115 come to mind as video decoder options for the simple fact that they are familiar to the IVTV developer community; the Hauppauge TV capture boards use them.

If you made the expansion board (and by proxy the next-gen Gumstix video input port) compatible with something like the VIA boards' VIP connector then you could have one heck of a secondary (or possibly primary) market...

...and a potential candidate for such an expansion board might be NewAE's LoonBoard:


It doesn't use the Philips chips, but Collin O'Flynn wrote an interesting article for the November 2005 issue of Circuit Cellar and the schematics and code are free/opensource/GPL.  I've ordered one of the boards to get a feel for it.



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