Another hard-core number crunching option would be TI's OMAP series which features an ARM core and a TI DSP core:



On 10/27/05, Doug Sutherland <> wrote:
Regarding the ARM floating point dilemma, the cirrus logic maverick
crunch coprocessors sure look interesting:

BTW the Cirrus EP9315 ARM9 has stuff that everyone seems to want
including floating point coprocessor, ethernet MAC, IDE controller,
3 USB host ports, graphics controller, and audio. This processor
can even handle up to 6 channels I2S audio.

I'll be testing out several ARM7 and ARM9 SOCs as companion to the
PXA255. These include ST Micro STR711, Sharp LH79525, and Cirrus
Logic EP7312, EP9301, EP9312, EP9315.

   -- Doug

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