On 9/30/05, Tom Hansen <tomh@uwm.edu> wrote:
I have a connex 200xm, netCF, and stuart boards.
Thinking that perhaps adjacent components on the boards touched, I cut
out some strips from the bags the boards came in and placed them between
the boards.

I then reconnected just the connex+netCF again, now it's dead, won't
boot. Retested connex+stuart, still dead.
[rest deletia]

Hi Tom,

Yeah, you could say your theory about adjacent components touching is a good one...  Those bags are conductive, to dissipate static electricity in transit and storage.

To make a long story short, you basically did the equivalent of shoving a piece of aluminum foil between the boards and turned on the power.  Not a healthy thing to do to electronics.

Good thing these boards are inexpensive, eh? ;-)



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