Hi Craig,

Has any thought been given to releasing a RoHS-compliant Gumstix, if it isn't already?


On 9/27/05, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
We're in the process of thinking about the next gen gumstix (the
motherboard, as it were).  It'll be PXA27x based (looks like we're
getting approval for the CPUs with stacked RAM and flash on them
which I had previously understood they didn't want to sell to non-
callphone people -- I guess our volumes are starting to get Intel
interested maybe).  Anyway, the new CPU with stacked RAM and flash
will be a *lot* smaller than the current gumstix board footprint.  So
we have a choice:

1. Same size of 80x20mm, with more functionality on board (like wifi)
2. About half the size, say 40x20mm, with similar functionality to
current gumstix (albeit it fancier, with host/OTG usb, video in, and
all the other goodies the PXA27x has on it)

Right now, we're also looking at backward-compatibility on the 60-pin
connector (except with the semantics of the USB changing to OTG
instead of client only), and then most likely a new connector to
replace the existing 92-pin connector.  And alternative is to keep
the 92-pin and add a 3 connector, but I personally think that concept
sucks worse than just updating the 92-pin connector.

Thoughts welcome.


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