As an aside, I've been testing usb ethernet adapters in the .39-pm branch and suffering sudden failures.

I saw some unstableness also on the .39 non pm branch, and I removed avahi-daemon from start up init, which made a big difference.

Anyone else with a .39-pm system up could plug in a usb ethernet adapter (on a powered hub, or direct connect) and see if you're seeing the same thing.

On Fri, 2011-08-26 at 07:50 -0700, dbrant wrote:
Hi all,

I'm fairly new to building kernels, and I've just built the pm branch, as
per the Wiki article. I'm wondering if someone could guide me in the right
direction on the following issues:

- I need audio (alsa) to work in my kernel, and it looks like it's disabled
in the pm branch... how do I go about enabling it?

- I basically don't need anything else besides audio in the kernel (no
ethernet, wifi, usb, etc., and as few services as possible), so how would I
go about making the most minimal kernel possible? (i'm looking to minimize
boot time, as well as save power)

- Speaking of boot time, how can I change the autoboot timeout from 5
seconds to something more reasonable, like 1 second?

Thanks for any suggestions!