Ok so as an update to this I believe that my issue may be that I can't address my SD card. I am booting from it so it is connected but I noticed that in my version of u-boot that the mmcinit command is no longer available. I have been looking through the u-boot docs all morning and haven't found anything saying that. I have tried using "mmc info" and have found that it is aware of the card so I assume, yes I know that makes an ass out of me, that the mmc initilized at startup now so they dropped the command. I still am not clear on how this effects the syntax of "fatload"


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Hey guys. I am still stuck on trying to load the MLO file from my bootable SD card to NAND. I have the instruction page but am not having much luck with the syntax. I was hoping some out there would understand it. The command I am stuck on is fatload. Here is the syntax
fatload <interface> <dev[:part]> <addr> <filename> [bytes]

The example uses the command like this

Overo # fatload mmc 0 $loadaddr MLO

Based on what I know the way this is working is fatload pulls a file into memory from a FAT file system and holds it to be placed in NAND later. (mmc 0) refers to the location of the file. In this case it is on an SD card and is the first file on the card. Question there is does fatload always take the first file? Next is the <addr> argument. To me it looks like this is the temp file that will hold MLO until you write to NAND. So is this arbitrary? Last is the name of the file, MLO. Why does it need this if it knows where the file is held on the drive? Hope I am not to far off.


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