You will need to recompile with swap support - the default kernel does not have it enabled. Supposedly you can do bitbake gumstix-kernel -c menuconfig, but it requires you to have gnome-terminal and i never got it working with it even. you could try the kernel I have here, no guarantees though...compiled to use swap, fb, and has the standard boot logo cos I like penguins (tux will rule all). assuming you have a verdex; not sure if it matters or not.


On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 5:56 PM, Matt Brain <> wrote:
Hey Folks

Long time lurker etc etc....

Anyway finally got round to implenting a home automation app on the
gumstix and have run into a few issues - mainly memory.

I want to try and utilize swap for those times when 64M isn't enough,
such as when trying to add module from CPAN (Bundle::CPAN is a great

I have loaded the fs on a cf and its running beautifully, I kinda
cheated with the swap and just created a file /extraswap and wanted to
mount it as swap using swapon. swapon appears to be missing some
functionality such as adding a swapfile!!

Have any of you nice folks managed to get swap working - i know its
not ideal for flash (write limits, speed etc) and I will probably use
a microdrive if I can prove it working reliably....

Thanks in advance


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