What I need to do (on a verdex) is tap into quite a few pins on both the 60 and 120 pin connectors (the keyboard controller lines, to be exact). The problem is, I need to able to use an Audiostix2, and a netCF-120 (when released), which rules out simply getting a connector and soldering to it. So far, the only solution for such a problem I've came up with is a Tweener-like breakout board. All it would do would allow access to all the pins of the connector (60,92,120 whatever type it is), with a pass through like the tweener allowing the use of another expansion board.  Is there any plans for such a board in the future (If not; does anyone have a good place on the Internet where I could get such a PCB made?)
Unrelated note, looks like the JTAG board for the verdex was released.