On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 12:31 +0200, kdag wrote:
noodlepringle wrote:

i might come across sounding rather silly here - but what requirements
does your build have?

 none, i have ran it under diff image built for the connex-bt 400mhz we got.

do i need to install anything in particular with
the buildroot?

 just fix sound :)

 or can i just drop the pd_ok file either to the gumstix
via ssh or in the root fs before its compressed to jffs2?

 i drop it in /bin/ thats all, rename it to pd and run:
 pd -nogui -nomidi -verbose

 i compiled the externals and the internal objects but they gave me a gcc    error that i will try to fix as soon as i have a chance.


see i thought i had sound issues but didnt worry - i was expecting to at least see errors spat out about there being no audio or simply that there was no audio available as per usual pd world stuff - but nothing at all

when i dump it into /bin/ and try to execute by just typing pd then i still get nothing - which buildroot version are u using?


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