when I do
vcc --> led --> 3.3k --> gnd
led will ight

when I do
vcc --> led --> 3.3k --> gpio
and issue a set or clear, I get nothing.

I did see on a previous checkin that someone had fixed something related to the gpio on audiostix.

Maybe I need a new build root.  (latest)


On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 13:33 -0700, Dave Hylands wrote:
Hi Daniel,

Whoops - replying to the lsit as well.

> In all cases, the led does not light.
> If I put a vcc -> led -> gpio
> and try to manipulate the gpio nothing happens.

Hopefully you meant

vcc -> led -> resistor -> gpio.

Otherwise your LED may not be lighting because it's blown.

I like to test my setup by doing

vcc -> led -> resistor -> ground

and make sure the LED lights up.

I've only used the GPIOs on the gumstix and not the GPIOs on the UCB1400.

What are he exact commands that you're using?

What pin of what board are you connecting to?

What version of buildroot are you using?