Hi Doug,

This is very interesting ! I can't wait for the result, a USB controller would be just GREAT for the gumstix !
I'm waiting for more info.



Le vendredi 06 janvier 2006 à 13:57 -0500, Doug Sutherland a écrit :
Octave, Adèle et Antoine Cottin wrote:
 > Is there a way to have the gumstix have a USB controller

I am working on this, an ECHI USB controller can be interfaced to connex
via the data and address lines. I will be trying ISP1761 (High Speed OTG)
and SL811HST (Full Speed Host/Slave). As part of this, I am integrating
a USB IDE/ATAPI controller. Hopefully the ISP1761 will work out okay
(there isn't much driver support), because it is a high speed (480MB/sec)
controller, and so is the ATAPI. This should yield very good performance
for hard drives, cdroms, or whatever. Will post more info later when I
have a completed carrier board (designing the board right now).

Note: Even though PXA270 has USB OTG, like ALL of the ARM based USB
controllers I see, it is not high speed, just full speed. Having a full
speed USB OTG opens up some interesting possibilities for streaming
audio and video, fast access to IDE hard drives, etc.

  -- Doug

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