In gumstix-build root I am selecting player and player gets generated ok
however the only driver it has is garminnmea.  I wish to use roomba or something
that will work with the iCreate. I have tried changing the enable-garminnmea to enable roomba but that does not make a difference. it still only includes garminnmea.

I notice the version of player on gumstix is 1.6.
I am also trying to cross compile player-2.0 for the gumstix but it crashes on the link of player with a lot of messages about xdrmem_create.

1) Is roomba available for player 1.6. If so how do I get it included in the player that is made by build root?
2) any one know where the xdrmem_create comes from and why gumstix_buildroot
doesnt have this problem? Was xdrmem not used in version 1.6 or am I omitting something in the environment.

John Cummins

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