I compiled in the USB “CONFIG_USB_FILE_SYSTEM” option, but I have been unable to find a corresponding Windows .inf file.  Anyone have any luck with this??
On Feb 10, 2005, at 6:30 PM, Chris Bradford wrote:
 > Does anyone know if there are drivers that will allow the gumstix to 
 > function as a usb-storage device?  This would facilitate EASY use of 
 > the gumstix filesystem on the host machine.  A little bit of searching 
 > turned up a few references to Sharp having written usb-storage drivers 
 > for the Zaurus, but I can"t find much else.
 Yup, if you check the kernel config options under USB -> Gadgets you"ll 
 see a filesystem option.  Turn that on, load the module, and it should 
 work.  You might need a .inf file if you"re using a Windows host -- 
 Google can probably point you in the right direction for that.