We have experienced very hot wifi modules also however nothing has failed thus far.  Our setup currently consists of a Verdex XL6P with a wifistix.  After 20 minutes of running the wifi module to too hot to touch.

Comparing current draw with and without the wireless module we observe differences of 220mA.  Is there possibly a way to scale back the power consumption of the board (sacrificing performance possibly)?


Brett Hemes
UMN Center for Distributed Robotics

On Jan 27, 2009, at 12:44 AM, Paul.Flick@csiro.au wrote:

I have a number of Gumstix units consisting of the Console LCD16, XL6P and a net wifi microSD-EU and find that on a desk with a 5V supply the power supply runs at around 80 degrees celcius. We have found that the gumstix seem to be unreliable with the microprocessor dying, typically the power supply unit, and the first place of interest is the excessive temperature.
The wifi module also gets hot and is a concern, but not as much.

On this issue I have some questions>>

What is a safe temperature for a gumstix? 
What temperatures have they been tested at?

To me it seems that the switch mode power supply on these boards has been under rated and run way too hot.
Has anyone tried making a cooler running Power supply for these boards? Or fixing the existing power supply?
Also considering that at 80 degrees celsius + the inductor is probably not working correctly?

Is there any way to read the core temperature?
Does it have temperature shutdown? What temp.


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