Here is a suggestion:

One of the configuration nobs you can tweak in the yacto build system is what intermediate package system to use.   Debian is one of the choices.   If the gumstix guys had a repo of prebuilt, top of tree, package repository out on the internet somewhere then it would increase our velocity by 10x.

There are configurations you can use with debian to cut down on the gross space wastefulness that debian is famous for.   Also debian has the nice little utility called "debootstrap" that lets you build an ARM rootfs on your PC without having to mess with cross compile environments.   For an earlier gumstix project here is how I built my rootfs : 

sudo debootstrap --verbose --foreign --arch=armel --variant=minbase --no-check-certificate --include=module-init-\
imagemagick,curl  squeeze rootfs

That was it, tar it up and stick it on the root partition in an SD card and you had a working system. I would love it
If I could do something like this with the current top-o-tree stuff that we are all using right now.