Hi All,

Trying to bring up the accelerometer up a Palo35 board.   Fairly sure I am talking to the right bit of hardware.  

"i2cget -y 3 0x1D 0x2[0,1,2] b"
gives me the default values for those control registers back.
The default settings seems to make perfect sense.   It enables on all 3 axis.
However when ever I read out the values I always get 0x00 on all three axis.
Is there some thing I am missing?   Google found other people who where using i2cget in scripts and recommending it and it also found someone else who was getting all zeros.    That person was send a link to some C code but the link is not dead.

Is there something simple I am missing?

Here is the full test.
while [ $count -le 100 ] ; do
        outX=`i2cget -y $BUS $BUSADDR $X b`
        outY=`i2cget -y $BUS $BUSADDR $Y b`
        outZ=`i2cget -y $BUS $BUSADDR $Z b`
        let count=$count+1
        echo $outX $outY $outZ

This takes a second or so to run and so I can move my board while it is running.

Thanks in advance,

David Moffatt.