On Mar 1, 2006, at 11:40 AM, Shahin Farshchi wrote:

I was curious as to how many UARTs (and which ones they are) are available for peripheral devices when you are using networking (Ethernet/WiFi) at the same time, given the factory GPIO setup and hirose connector pinouts. 

when using ethernet or CF, you will have 3 UARTs available on the 60-pin connector.  HWUART or BTUART on GPIO 42-45, plus FFUART and STUART.

If you are also using bluetooth, then you lose GPIO42-45 since those are then connected to the BT module (though they are still brought out on the daughtercard, so if you hold the BT module in reset, you should be able to use those lines off-gumstix, but just not while BT is actually in use -- I haven't tested that situation though -- it's possible that the BT module holds the UART lines high or low in a way which would prevent this).

So summary:

No BT, no ethernet, no CF: 4 UARTs
Ethernet or CF: -1 UART