Hello all,


I was wondering if I could get some help for a Verdex Pro XM4 COM board that I believe I have somehow bricked.  I have been using it for a couple months and I have compiled and installed the "experimental" OE Verdex repository with the 2.6.31 kernel.  The nand flash still has the original image that came with the board, and I have been installing the kernel and filesystem on a 2gb microSD card.   Hardware-wise, I am using a tweener board and a custom break-out board that connects to the 60-pin header and connects to some boards with various peripherals I am trying to connect to.  As of yet I have not connected any of these peripherals, and so nothing is attached to the 60-pin headers.  Power comes from a 5v wall adapter connected to the tweener board.


The problem is that the last time I put a new image on my SD card, I tried to boot my gumstix and found that I cannot get any serial output from the board.  I have verified that the serial port on my host pc is receiving other serial transmissions from devices at this baudrate just fine.  I also get no serial output if I remove the SD card and try to boot from flash.  I have found that there is no output from the gumstix to the RS232 level shifter on the tweener.  I also measured the current when I apply power and found that the board draws a constant 53 mA.  I would expect the current to fluctuate upon system startup, so I think this is a bad sign.  I don't know if 53 mA is also too low or not.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for how to resuscitate my board or knows what may have happened?  Due to my set up and the warnings all over not to interrupt power to the board through the 60-pin header during use, I think I might have tweaked that connection and caused damage to the motherboard..  Maybe ESD damage may could be another culprit?


I greatly appreciate any insight anyone can provide!  Thanks,