I think you will need to put that recipe in the
<overo-oe base directory>/org.openembedded.dev/recipes/images

From: Mathias Kriebel [mailto:mathias_kriebel@hotmail.com]
Sent: February 28, 2011 15:22
To: gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] How to apply Scott Ellis qt4-console-image patch

> Somebody suggested to apply Scott Ellis' "qt4-console-image" patch
> (https://gist.github.com/825820/3b074fccb178487096ed8c50465f8ed33cfb6bfd) on
> this thread, however I'm unsure how to do this? Can somebody explain to me
> how to do this?

I think this is not a patch, but a recipe. Try downloading and bitbaking it.
bitbake -b qt4-console-image.bb