On Dec 11, 2005, at 7:01 PM, David Vescovi wrote:

Just as an FYI. I was able to get the ucb1400 from the audiostix to function as both the
sound controller and a touch screen driver under Windows CE. I added another small
connector to the audiostix and wired up the AC97 and power pins then brought it to
my breakout-gs AC97 interface. The breakout board also has the LCD display interface.
The audiostix was outboarded and not part of the Gumstix/netMMC/breakout-gs stack.
This was rather kludge and fragile but it worked. 
I added the other small connector on audiostix for the touch (x-y) interface.
I still have problems with the calibration but I don't think it has anything to do
with basic hardware setup.
Wouldn't it be great if someone would build a LCD interface board! It would be pretty
much a audiostix with added LCD and other breakouts.

We're in the midst of redesigning the audiostix to add breakout-gs style pads for all the signals which the ucb1400 doesn't use, so that it'll be pretty easy to hook up an LCD panel to an audiostix to have audio + touchscreen + LCD (due to popular demand).  By "easy to hook up" I mean, as easy as it is to hook up to a breakout-gs.  Gordon's also planning on doing what he calls "BOGS" sub-boards which are basically little boards with feet on them designed to slot into the holes on the BreakOutGS (hence BOGS) and then just basically have a connector on them for particular panels.  We could make those pretty easily for any panels which turn out to be popular -- they'd basically just slot in perpendicularly to the breakout-gs board (or new audiostix).  We're also redoing the thumbstix to basically be breakout-gs + USB male connector, and these would fit there too.