I am build a new image recipe at the moment to thin down our image.  I figured out last night that the kernel selection comes from the build host, so I update my kernel to be the version we want to target.


The links you provided will prove most helpful.


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On 27/07/2010 3:06 AM, Nik Twerdochlib wrote:

I am setting up a custom recipe to remove options that we do not need.  Can anyone provide me information on how the kernel recipe is selected?


Also, is there a doc/wiki that covers this in detail that perhaps I have not found?






What sort of recipe ? and for which gumstix board ?

Assuming overo

For building an image or for an application/tool ?

For an image here's one I use for one of our projects.

It has the firmware for a few different wireless dongles and for Air.
(works for earth or Air)

Save this to /home/xxxx/overo-oe/user.collection/recipes/images/
xxxx = your user name

Plenty of good information on
If you don't want to build your own or don't have the time their online image builder is very useful

The package browser is useful for finding out what packages

# custom for gumstix for CRIN xxx project
# includes gcc, g++ , python and all modules ffmpeg, gstream and x264

inherit image

DEPENDS = "task-base"

  task-base \

  linux-firmware \
  libertas-sd-firmware \
  rt73-firmware \
  zd1211-firmware \

  bzip2 \
  bluez-utils \
  bluez4-dev \
  bluez4 \
  curl \
  ffmpeg \
  gstreamer \
  gzip \
  i2c-tools \
  nano \
  ncurses \
  omap3-writeprom \
  python \
  python-modules \
  python-misc \
  libreadline5 \
  sudo \
  task-proper-tools \
  task-native-sdk \
   x264 \


IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND = "create_etc_timestamp"

#ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += '${@base_conditional("DISTRO_TYPE", "release", "zap_root_password; ", "",d)}'


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