Thanks For the help J


Now I remember you. How’s the Predator coming J






"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men

stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell


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I can dd the image I use if you want more than just aircrack installed, but there will be irrelevant things as well unless you plane a drone :P It really wasnt that tough just DO NOT USE OPKG, the version is old and do not build the version of your wifi driver with the kernel, build it from source or make a recipe for it, but literally for aircrack I just did like I said in the previous post. I just had the ssl-dev files needed and sqlite-dev files needed for airoscript-ng, you can get the needed files built into a stock recipe easily. patched mac and the wifi driver and install. I am away from home right now so do not have access to my notes right now so going off memory and on my cell. But will be home in about a day and can give more detailed actual steps. But from what I remember thats what I did and I ended up following off the installing from source directions on the page at aircrack and patched as they said and worked just doing it from source. I honestly never could get the "included" recipe to work. Hope that helps some, when I get home if you havent got it I will post back. 

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Hi there J.L.;


No it wasn’t a crack against you. Sorry if you thought so. I just wanted to make sure that people took me seriously.

I got a couple of weird responses to a previous post L


As for Aircrack, sounds like you have done this before and I could REALLY use your help J


All I have tried so far is the opkg install, to make sure the software would even run, before trying anything else …


Right now I am waiting for my new Overo Earth to arrive, so I can get started again. In the mean time I’m trying to

do my home work so I’m good to go when it arrives …




"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men

stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell



All I did was build the kernel with the normal recipe and just went into menuconfig and built what I needed as modules. I installed my wifi driver from source and patched, made sure to put openssl-dev files on the image and sqlite-dev. Then just built it all on my overo directly. Really was no different than doing it all from source on a normal nix dist. Was there an issue you had in building or did injection fail? I also do not use the opkg install aircrack, compile from source. Did you try enabling mac80211 as a mod and not even building ieee? If you need more help let me know whats not working, feel like part of it is missing?


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