Hi there J.L.;


No it wasn’t a crack against you. Sorry if you thought so. I just wanted to make sure that people took me seriously.

I got a couple of weird responses to a previous post L


As for Aircrack, sounds like you have done this before and I could REALLY use your help J


All I have tried so far is the opkg install, to make sure the software would even run, before trying anything else …


Right now I am waiting for my new Overo Earth to arrive, so I can get started again. In the mean time I’m trying to

do my home work so I’m good to go when it arrives …




"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men

stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell



All I did was build the kernel with the normal recipe and just went into menuconfig and built what I needed as modules. I installed my wifi driver from source and patched, made sure to put openssl-dev files on the image and sqlite-dev. Then just built it all on my overo directly. Really was no different than doing it all from source on a normal nix dist. Was there an issue you had in building or did injection fail? I also do not use the opkg install aircrack, compile from source. Did you try enabling mac80211 as a mod and not even building ieee? If you need more help let me know whats not working, feel like part of it is missing?