Absolutely NO problem with the documentation J


I’m sure somebody else can help out there …


Just let me know when you are done. No rush. OK.





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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] New Kernel same problems :o( Reasonable fee


I am in the process of building the image, will be back at the hotel tonight and I can check to see if the image built, then I need to get the extras installed. But since I am out of town working I am building it on my laptop so it takes a lot longer. I know I can build the image you need though the write up I am not sure I would do as well as you would like. I am not a writer by any means. If that is a key thing for you then maybe someone else may be better off. Just let me know.

And for me NO fee, kind of think thats a tad ridiculous for just building an image :P But thats me. I can post the images progress tonight. But again the documentation I am sure would be very lacking.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 6:27 AM, William Pretty Security Inc <bill.pretty@xplornet.com> wrote:



I believe that J.L. has kindly offered to do just that J and is working on it …


However. What I need/would like; is documentation !

Either from you J.L., or someone else on the list.


What I would want is:

1) How ‘exactly’ to modify the Kernel if need be.

2) Bitbake recipe(s) for the rootfs, MLO, and uImage if necessary.

3) What the dependencies are and where to get them. For example Kernel Headers.

4) Step by step instructions for a novice to install and build Aircrack.

5) Anything else you think might be important.


As you said at a reasonable price J


Among other things, I am a technical writer. When I write a manual, I assume that my 80yr old mother

will be using it LOL …




Might be worth it for you to get someone to build your image for you.
Probably more than a few of us on this list happy to do that for a reasonable fee.


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