PAN client perhaps? Oh, I guess that still allows a host to get back through the iPhone to the Internet, i.e. tethering, which for some unaccountable reason AT&T is dead set against. Especially perplexing given that tethering comes for free with Windows Mobile 6 phones, via the utility application Internet Sharing, and all their competitors support that. I had it with T-mobile.

So I guess my plan to write a sanctioned iPhone BT PAN client widget will not meet with approval. Shame. Unless I write it so all inbound ports are closed, as they have for 802.11. Might that be something to do?

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On Oct 2, 2008, at 5:20 PM, Brad Midgley wrote:


Now, anybody got how to for an iPhone to do this?

This is another feature that is out of bounds for iPhone, along with
stereo bluetooth, pan server, dun server, dun client, unsigned
applications, regular sim cards, etc.

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