Hello all:


Has anyone ever had issues with type casting?  I’m using soft-float to compile for the gumsitx and weird things are happening when I cast from unsigned int to float. 


I’m getting data from a serial port casting that data into floats.  The following works fine (example):


Unsigned int num1, num2;


Num3 = (float)num1;



But when I do the following, my “data” gets corrupted:


Num3 = (float)num1;

Num4 = (float)num2;




Note:  It’s the data from the serial port that becomes corrupted (bits turned on and off, consistently!)

I’m sure it’s not the way I’m reading the data.  I can print out the bytes in the stream:  first case stream is correct, second case stream is corrupted


Sorry for the lack of details, but this problem is too weird…




Nghiem Do