I misdiagnosed the problem.  The real cause appears to be a bad connection between the USB port and the breakout board itself; one of the four connectors is not touching the board.  Some simple solder work should get it to work.  My “middle wire is depressed theory” seems to be a trick of the light after further scrutiny.






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Subject: [Gumstix-users] Broken breakout-gs USB port


Well, this is a bummer – the USB port on my breakout-gs appears to be broken.  When it is connected, Windows displays the “This device is not recognized” balloon over and over again, about once every five seconds.  After some examination it appears that the problem is that the middle (of five) wires inside the port has been depressed into the black plastic widget, presumably interfering with the connection when I plug in a USB cable.


Any ideas, other than buying another breakout-gs?  Is there a way to avoid repeating the damage?




Russell Silva