I am having troubles configuring an LCD with the proper parameters.  Currently there is an shift  of 96 pixels up and 20 pixels to the left.

The corner in (0,0) is too far up left to appear on the screen.


I suspect this is a problem in the signal timing of the LCD (as its parameters are quite different from usual lcd’s).


I have tried both with xrandr (making my own modeline instead of using cvt) and in uboot-, following this howto:



I’m trying to put the frequency of the LCD (19.6 Mhz) and the front-porch,

back-porch, and pulse width parameters to set up the LCD parameters.


It doesn’t seem to change anything, as error in the display stays the same (no matter how I change the parameters).


Am I missing a parameter that fixes the configuration to default values ?




François Bulens