I am new to the Gumstix platform.  My past projects have been with the Microchip stuff, and I understand how to interface with external devices on that platform, and have the ‘mental picture’ of how to interface with those devices. 


Question I have now is what is the ‘mental picture’ of the Gumstix device connection strategy?


Does anyone have an existing project where they have connected a Gumstix to a simple I2C device, say temperature, so that I can start to understand what is involved in accessing that device (physically how it connected, where, and what software is used, etc.), then making it available say on a Gumstix web page?


Ultimately a nice well documented simple project that showed how a device could be attached to a Gumstix, and a web page created which would display the most recent data would be a great start for a newbie like me.. 


With a simple project example like that, I am sure I would be able to gain the ‘mental picture’ for Gumstix.