Hi guys,


I can compile kernel modules for my development machine and they work fine. I can use open embedded to compile the same modules for the angstrom build of my Gumstix Overo Fire FE, using the scripts and tools provided in the open embedded system... (granted I don’t understand the full process of what they’re doing yet).


How do I cross compile and create my own kernel modules for a kernel I built using the source from Steve Sakoman’s repository at git://www.sakoman.com/git/linux-omap-2.6? So I’ve cross compiled the kernel on my desktop and transferred it to the SD card; but I can’t do that for my own kernel modules.


I don’t understand how to link the cross compiler from my code to the kernel source I used from the repository... Apologies for not phrasing the question very well. I’m not exactly sure of the language for what I’m looking to do.