Hi all,
We solve the problems with the Samsun LCD Panel and the Ethernet card SM911X. Both works well now (Flahs the U-boot + Kernel + Root File System)
The problem now is the SD card. Donīt Work. I see in the boot the next problem:
mmcblk0: mmc0:6f92 SD512 500224KiB
 mmcblk0:<6>pxa27x-ohci pxa27x-ohci: PXA27x OHCI
 unknown partition table
But the same SD can be read but the U-Boot

GUM> mmcinit
Detected: 1000448 blocks of 512 bytes (488MB) SD card.
Vendor: Man 02 OEM TM "SD512" Date 05/2007
Product: 2162169995
Revision: 2.8
GUM> fatls mmc 1
      763   hosts.lnk

1 file(s), 1 dir(s)


I donīt understand. 
Is problem of the configuration?
Is problem of the Micro-SD card? (Is a Kingston)
We try to format in FAT and the problem is the same.
This is our modules file:
ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
# MMC support -- comment the next two lines to enable using CF
# Compact Flash support -- Must load smc91x or smc911x first!!

# Load USB host driver

Thanks for you help.
Sir Graham.