why adding a second cpu?
you're loosing the formfactor of the gum.
Which has a link for mouser.
ok, using this
and a serial cable might be interesting.
The but is pretty simple, I do not know how bluetooth and zigbee do work together.
One source did mention troubles...
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There are several serial-to-ZigBee modules out on the market; haven't used any of them myself, but they exist and a few articles have been written on the subject in recent issues of Circuit Cellar.  Sorry I can't point you at any this instant; I'm in San Jose all this week on business.

...Do a search for "ZigBee" at http://www.mouser.com/ and browse the results for some ideas.


On 12/5/05, Bouwens / Mehl <Bouwens.Mehl@bluewin.ch> wrote:
I'm not shure if there is a zigbee stack for arm.
For the microchip there is - have 4 boards right next to me.
It would be great to a piggy pack board for the gum.
But I prefer an ehternet connection for the gum.
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Having both bluetooth and zigbee running simultaneously on a Gumstix could be interesting - for example, using the gumstix as a zigbee-based home automation controller. A device scheduling gui app on a pc could connect to the gumstix to allow users to programme their home schedule, then the gumstix could signal lights/toasters etc via zigbee. I'm sure there are plenty of other scenarios where having a gumstix-based bluetooth <-> zigbee gateway would be useful.


On 12/5/05, Brad Midgley <bmidgley@xmission.com> wrote:

zigbee is kinder to the battery than class 1 bluetooth and comparable in
range... but you won't appreciate much of the difference if the gumstix
board itself is where most of the power consumption is.

of course adding class 1 bluetooth to gumstix is probably an equally
difficult/expensive project, but there are more devices and scenarios it
can be used with.


> Has anyone here thought of geting a zigbee/802.15.4 wireless
> interface working with the GumStix? (Does anyone have any
> comments about zigbee?)
> Cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zigbee

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