Hi pete. I have the same LCD and the way i did it. Is that i bought the development kit with the LCD and on the Development PCB there was the Flex connector. So i removed it and soldered it to a custom PCB. Or you could buy a new connector. I wouldn't waste time on soldering the wires to the lcd and risk damaging the LCD.
Demetris Z.
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Hello List,
     I have got a verdex gumstix with console breakout and netCF boards.  I got a EDMGRB8KJF and I am just wonder how people wired between the LCD and the gumstix.  Mechanically LCD has one of those flexible mylar connectors and the gumstix has 100 mil spaced holes.

Data Connector on LCD Panel:

Anyone know if there is a system to get this connector to 100 mil spaced header?

The electrical directions on the site look like they should work.
If push come to shove I probably could remove the connector from the LCD and just use wire-wrap wire to connect the panel to a better connector.

I am also open to having another on of these connectors on a custom PC to beakout if anyone know where one could find a striate cable that works with this connector.

Peter Fetterer

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