I’ll try that.  As far as the segmentation faults go I think I figured that out.  I am running Ubuntu in VMWare and if I do not carefully umount the volume AND disconnect from VMWare AND eject from Windows 7 then nothing works.   It seems that it is important to umount all partitions of the device (/dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2) before disconnecting from VMWare. This might be obvious but maybe not.


The symptoms I saw when I did not umount both partitions is that I get a kernel panic on boot.  After jumping through all of those hoops I am able to boot and see the X test running (at  least that’s what I think is happening.)



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It's usual in the Linux desktop world for X to be started via a script called 'startx'.  On my desktop that is in /usr/bin.  I bet you will have more luck using that, if you have it (though there may be other issues specific to Gumstix that I don't know about).



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Hi everyone. I'm trying to run X on my Overo Air using the latest pre-built
desktop image.  Now I'm brand new to running X when it doesn't start
automagically so please forgive me if I'm asking the obvious.  Here is the
result of my try:

overo login: root
root@overo:~# X

Fatal server error:
Could not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock

Please consult the The X.Org Foundation support
         at http://wiki.x.org
 for help.

I looked back at the output and see segmentation faults along the way that
look suspicious, though they may or may not be related here I thought them
worth mentioning:

Remounting root file system...
Unknown HZ value! (74) Assume 100.
Segmentation fault
/etc/volatile.cache: line 8: jpeg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 9: image/jpeg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 10: jpeg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 11: \377\330: not found
Segmentation fault
/etc/volatile.cache: line 14: png: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 15: image/png: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 16: png: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 17: \211PNG\r\n\032\n: not found
Segmentation fault
/etc/volatile.cache: line 20: xpm: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 21: image/x-xpixmap: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 22: xpm: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 23: /* XPM */: not found
Segmentation fault
/etc/volatile.cache: line 26: gif: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 27: image/gif: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 28: gif: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 29: GIF8: not found
Segmentation fault
/etc/volatile.cache: line 32: svg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 33: image/svg+xml: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 34: svg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 35:  <svg: not found
/etc/volatile.cache: line 36:  <!DOCTYPE svg: not found

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