I've managed to compile microwindows but there are some things i would like to ask:
1: When trying to run nano-X on Gumstix it spits up an error saying (KDGKMODE: Invalid argument
Cannot initialise keyboard
I've tried to removing keyboard from the config file but when i say N to all keyboard settings or N to all and Y to NOKBD then when typing make in Gumstix-buildroot it doesn't compile so there is no jffs2 image.
2: I saw on a post about patching the mou_ser.c file but i got a bit confused so if it's not much trouble could someone send me the patched file pls ?
also about the touchscreen
There are some settings in the config file of microwindows for setting Mouse or Touchscreen. Which should i enable and which should i disable in there?
Are there any other settings that i should do so that the touchscreen works? or It would be easyer if someone could just send me the config file so i don't mess it up.
PS: I'm using the Panasonic LCD with the 4 pin touchscreen.
Also about the touchscreen.
When doing this for Tinyx there are things disabled in the Device Drivers(of linux-2.6.15gum) should these remain thesame for Microwindows ?
Demetris Z