i just added a netCF to my old gumstix. Software is a few month (half year ?) old. Booting is fine.
I can access the ethernet, no problem. But not my CF memory card (128 MB).
When trying to mount it i get:
# mount /dev/hda1 /cf
mount: Mounting /dev/hda1 on /cf failed: No such device or address
# cat /dev/hda1
cat: /dev/hda1: No such device or address
Ok, there was this message coming up at boot, that i must rename s30pcmcia. So i do this and reboot.
Now i can't access (mount) the CF memory card, but network is not more running (no lights blinking).
Is it the old software ? Must i update (which i want to prevent, because i have other software put and running on gumstix internal ram). Do i have a misconfiguration ? Iread somewhere that u-boot must be updated, is this really necessary ? What is the problem when not doing it ?