I have a question about how to configure best a gumstix-computer for my requirements.
I need bluetooth, GPS and at least one or two serial ports to have an interface to some sensors and engines of my roboter (a blimp which should be controlled by an AI-software). First I thought about this configuration:
connex 400xm-bt, tweener, GPSstix, netMMC (to have a possibility to connect an other gumstix if more serial ports are needed)
I found out, that netMMC and tweener will not work together.
Thus I think about two gumstixs with these configurations at the moment:
connex 400xm-bt, netMMC, GPSstix
connex 400xm-bt, netMMC, waysmall
Should these work together? If not, how it is possible to have a serial port and a LAN-connection together in one computer?
Thank you for your help.